About me

I am a lifelong martial artist. I spent my childhood on the dojo mats practicing katas and self-defense. I spent my teens break falling more than I care to remember. Now a days I'm either in a gi, rash-guard, thai-boxing, or grappling. No matter what sport or martial art I am doing, if its the WOD at a cross-fit or grinding at the local gym, the one constant is contact with sweat, the mats and each other. Guys and girls are always getting something on their skin from swapping sweat. I wanted something that worked and that was made for those of us in the gym, on mats and in the ring. So, I made it. Whether you're a professional MMA fighter or a casual gym goer, The Jiu-Jitsu Soap Co. has a product for you. 


Our products are not made in a large factory, our logos and designs are not conceived in a marketing boardroom. We created our small home based company after trying to find a product that met our needs. After trying expensive products that only seemed to help with one aspect of skin irritation or inexpensive products that didn't seem to do what they claimed, we began to create a superior product. Research shows that there is only a six hour window when contacting fungus, bacteria, and germs to fight them off, so why use a basic soap that does nothing? By combining simple ingredients, like tea tree,  you can fight acne, ring worm, athlete's foot, skin inflammation, psoriasis, and more. Or detoxify your skin with the micro-particles of activated charcoal while also improving your complexion. You can stimulate your skin with the antibacterial properties and rejuvenating benefits of eucalyptus. Provide vitamin B and E for heathy skin with our jojoba oil or benefit from the antiseptic and astringent effects of Lemongrass. All varieties of our soaps are made from Hemp and Coconut oil glycerine bases, to ensure a great lather and long lasting bar of soap.

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Product Disclaimer:

Our product is not a drug or medication. We do not claim our product to be a cure. We are not doctors. Our product uses natural remedies that have been proven to help fight and help heal skin irritations causes by contact during athletics. Our product is NOT to be ingested or altered ever. If ever unsure of a irritation or what product is right for you, we recommend always consulting your physician. Our product is made from vegetable glycerin and depending on variety, may contain coconut, sunflower, soy, hemp, nuts, aloe, olive oil, palm, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, soy bean protein, activated food grade charcoal, and essential oils or extracts (tea tree, Lavender, jojoba, peppermint, Eucalyptus, orange citrus, aloe, and Rosemary). 

Our products are handmade in small batches. Color may vary from order to order, due to the size of batch or due to us creatively playing around with new ways to make your soap interesting. We ensure the same great goodness inside, but we have been know to experiment and make each batch unique.