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Review: Jiu Jitsu Soap Co. “Punch Drunk” Soap

August 31, 2017 by christianrivera21 Leave a Comment

If you’ve been around the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu scene for a while, you’ve probably been getting exposed to new things within our community. One thing that’s been taking the BJJ scene by storm for as long as I can remember is soap. Various companies have added them to their products, and other companies only make and sell soap. I’ve tried several over the last few years and recently I came across a company called The Jiu-jitsu Soap Company. I thought the names were either flat out awesome or just insanely hysterical. I can’t wait for someone to ask me “What type of soap do they have?” and I can tell them “Beautiful Bitch” is an option. The Jiu-Jitsu Soap Company sent me “Punch Drunk” to review, and I was not disappointed at all.

Punch Drunk comes very tightly wrapped which I like, as it’ll stay fresher for longer. It has this beautiful, dark blue color to it, and as soon as you take it out of the wrapping the smell instantly hits you. You can tell that this soap was handcrafted and made with all the details possible. The great thing about the soap is, even though the smell is strong when you first unwrap it and shower with it, once you wash yourself down it’s actually quite subtle. It’s enough for others to notice, but not strong enough to send them running away from the fragrance. The soap consists of jojoba, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. All three of these oils come with benefits such as being a moisturizer for skin, fighting off acne and fungus, as well as clearing sinuses and allergies. The most important thing to take from this soap, for me as a martial artist, is that it protects me from various bacterial infections such as ringworm and staph.

I’ve been using Punch Drunk consistently over the past couple weeks. I wanted to make sure it was really worth the price. I’ve used too many soaps that were great, but five days in they’d be completely finished. This one bar has lasted me a significant amount of time. I honestly didn’t notice the bar diminished until I was well into the second week of using it. The one thing the really annoyed me though, is that it tended to just slip away, even sitting on my soap dish. If I was in prison and dropped the soap that many times, they would’ve been convinced I wanted to be sexually taken. I tried every corner in my shower to place it, before I finally got one of my travel soap bar boxes and stuck it in there. That’s really the only con I could find with it, but besides that it really is a beautifully crafted soap. The “Punch Drunk” soap retails for 4.49, for the amount of time it last it is well worth the bang for your buck.

The most important thing to me, besides the products, its quality, and its appearance: the people behind it all. I talked to the owner of the company, he was genuine and it seemed like he took great pride in his product. When someone takes pride in their work, you can tell they do it with passion. Have you ever seen someone try to do something without passion? It’s the equivalent of having sex with a mannequin. If you want to check more of the Jiu-jitsu Soap Company, click here.